RAKSHAK provides round-the-clock protection by armed and unarmed guards for any piece of property. We also develop a local intelligence network to prevent thefts.

RAKSHAK has highly trained personnel to protect factories, offices, banks, schools, colleges, hotels, warehouses, inshort, any site that needs protection. We provide 24 x 7 security for corporate offices and building, which entails, among other things, taking charge of the front-office, telephone board systems, fax machines, and monitoring the flow of visitors. For banks, we have specially-trained security staff mainly drawn from ex-defence personnel with combat/commando training. Regular armed guards with 12-bore guns and unarmed guards are also available. Rakshak has specialised security for multi-core construction company sites too.

Unconventional: We are the only agency to have arranged security for the protection of government property, like high-tension towers of state electricity boards in co-ordination with the police department.

More reasons to choose RAKSHAK’s Manpower/ Payroll

  • Customized solutions for any size of business
  • Internal and monthly high level check to ensure accuracy and legislative compliance
  • All management and statutory reports provided
  • Customized solutions for any size of business
  • Internal and monthly high level check to ensure accuracy and legislative compliance
  • Full leave administration
  • Electronic or hard copy payslip distribution
  • No hidden costs
  • Confidentiality guaranteed

Facility Management

  • Electrical Maintenance
  • Mechanical Maintenance
  • Plumbing and Sanitation
  • BMS Administration
  • Service Response Desk
  • Office Administration

E-Surveillance Services

  • CCTV System (including ANPR, RLVD & IVR)
  • Intruder Detection & Alarm Systems
  • Perimeter Protection Systems
  • Guard Tour Management Systems
  • Vehicle Tracking System
  • Under Vehicle Scanning System


  • Background check of employees and information on union strategy.
  • Our professional detectives/investigators are usually ex-CID personnel who are experts in discovering counterfeiting rackets
  • Pre-marriage investigation with absolute confidentiality

Escort services

  • Specially-trained personnel for VIPs/
  • Cash – protection of over INR 25,00,000 and above; valuable items etc.

Electrical services

  • Provide cable laying, installation of Joint Boxes, Feeder Pillar Boxes and allied services under LT supply
  • Supply Generators from 60 to 500KV

Event/ Occasion Security Services

  • Event Security
  • VIP Escorts
  • Driver
  • Bouncer
  • Female Security Personnel
  • Temporary Staff

Safety first.

RAKSHAK’S approach is unconventional but effective. It does not look at protection as a mere deployment of men and machines. Protection, for Rakshak is a combination of ingenuity, intelligence and resources.

Large organisations devote a proportion of their budgets to securing their interests at acceptable levels. The variety of serious threats to our public and private assets requires extensive and specialist assistance to protect them. There are, moreover many assets, such as neighbourhoods and social stability, which confer community rather than private benefits.

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