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About Us

Committed to providing professional security solutions with a team of professionals, modern technology and human ingenuity

Rakshak provides one of the best security solutions and services to control risks at individual, family, community and institutional levels. It provides top-quality personnel, infrastructure and services, to safeguard personal and public properties, that involve Prevention, Investigation, Detection, Protective Security and Surveillance. Protection is a multidimensional activity and threats to our public and private assets are multifarious. Specialized assistance is required to protect them.

Industrial Security

  • Round-the-clock surveillance for all kinds of property by armed/unarmed guards.
  • Ensure networking & local intelligence to prevent thefts simultaneously monitoring the flow of visitor
  • Specially-trained security personnel,
    ex-defence background for banks

IT & Security Equipment

  • Provide a whole range of equipment for airports, banks, embassies, power plants, large commercial complexes, museums, temples and railways
  • Surveillance Camera | Metal Detector | Under Vehicle Checking Equipment | Boom Barrier

Escort Services

  • Specially-trained personnel for VIPs/
  • Cash – protection of over INR 25,00,000 and above; valuable items etc.

Electrical Services

  • Provide cable laying, installation of Joint Boxes, Feeder Pillar Boxes and allied services under LT supply
  • Supply Generators from 60 to 500KV


  • Background check of employees and information on union strategy.
  • Our professional detectives/investigators are usually ex-CID personnel who are experts in discovering counterfeiting rackets
  • Pre-marriage investigation with absolute confidentiality

Safety. Security. Quality.

We are committed to providing professional security solutions that are backed by a team of professionals, modern technology and human ingenuity.

Personal Bodyguards

Rakshak respects its clients’ privacy and practices absolute discretion in all aspects of security. Confidentiality is our top priority.

Armed Services

Rakshak’s armed guards are trained to keep work, office, industrial and residential spaces safe. Our security services integrate fully with your electronic systems to provide the maximum protection.


Feel Safe With Us

RAKSHAK’S role is to control risks involving the things we value, individual, family, public peace, integrity, personal belongings, and so on.