E-Surveillance Services

Video Surveillance

The need for 24-hour surveillance has never been greater. Certain items are too valuable to be left unwatched, without a deterrent against crime. With a 24-hour surveillance system in place, anyone looking to commit a crime will instantly be deterred from doing so. Video security systems are the perfect way to protect against problems, and Rakshak has the experience of handling surveillance systems in Kolkata and Mumbai.

Whether you run a large office building and need to ensure employee safety, or run a retail store and need to guard against internal cash register theft, video surveillance will help you put a stop to the crime. Thieves and criminals are much less likely to commit crimes when they know they will be caught on camera. There is no evidence more powerful than a video of a criminal caught in the act.

Whether you need a full installation, or simply need to upgrade your surveillance equipment, we can take care of your job quickly and efficiently. Rakshak also routinely handles surveillance system repair, so that all aspects of your security camera and surveillance system work properly.

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