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Rakshak Services

RAKSHAK provides round-the-clock protection by armed and unarmed guards for any piece of property. We also develop a local intelligence network to prevent thefts.

RAKSHAK has highly trained personnel to protect factories, offices, banks, schools, colleges, hotels, warehouses, inshort, any site that needs protection. We provide 24 x 7 security for corporate offices and building, which entails, among other things, taking charge of the front-office, telephone board systems, fax machines, and monitoring the flow of visitors. For banks, we have specially-trained security staff mainly drawn from ex-defence personnel with combat/commando training. Regular armed guards with 12-bore guns and unarmed guards are also available. Rakshak has specialised security for multi-core construction company sites too.

Unconventional: We are the only agency to have arranged security for the protection of government property, like high-tension towers of state electricity boards in co-ordination with the police department.

Specially-trained staff for protection of cash of over Rs 10,00,000; valuable items like silk, electronic goods, gold, etc, and VIPs/ celebrities.

INVESTIGATION: We have a trained in-house unit that investigates employees and accesses information on union strategy. Our professional detectives and ex-CID personnel investigate counterfeiting rackets too.

Pre-wedding investigation are crucial to a marriage. Rakshak has immense experience in this field and uses state-of-the-art equipment to investigate. Rakshak has a special investigating team for any criminal case - dacoity, theft, phone threats and any sort of conspiracy that is life threatening.

Protective Security
Security does not merely mean throwing a ring around an asset or person. It also means plugging all leaks and keeping one step ahead of the threat. Rakshak studies threat perceptions form all angles and takes necessary steps to nullify them.

Feel Safe With Us

Waiting for a threat to translate into reality is foolhardy. When a threat is perceived, Rakshak's personnel take all measures to prevent it.

Rakshak's security measures are so designed as to make potential threats avoid creating a security-breach situation.

Rakshak is more than adequately equipped to investigate crimes that occur within its premises. If the crime filed extends beyond its boundaries, the help of state security agencies are requested and assisted with.

Some forms of crimes, especially economic, take years to detect. Rakshak has the personnel to detect such crimes within a short period of time.

The protection of assets are intrinsically linked to surveillance. And, in this task, Rakshak takes the help of sophisticated technology and expertise to keep an asset free of threats.

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