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Carridors of Compassion

Carridors of Care

Carridors of Cammaraderia

Carridors of Companionship








We at Rakshak aim to provide a relaxation home for the senior members of society. they may be soliciting company, being lonely or just wanting to share their thoughts, learnings and wisdom.

We strive to be an emotional buffer for them; a ray of sunshine in the winter of life! Some stories need to be heard and told and we can hear it only from the elder generations. It would be such pity to not try and hold onto these libraries and repositories of wisdom.

We also aim at enabling the relaxation home to become a fulcrum of our activities and spread cheer to the entire community. The home will have a children’s area and park where the local children can come to play and also take sessions / classes with the residents to become better informed citizens.

The Home will also leverage the skill of the residents and specialists to hone the vocational skills of the community and help in making the men more employable and women folk more self reliant and independent. This way the viscous circle of poverty may be broken and at least a number of benefactors will lead a happier lifestyle.

  •   Animal welfare, stray dogs sterilizing and vaccination and maintenance program.
  •   Children education, sports.
  •   Women self sufficient, we have provided sewing machines to the needy women.
  •   Wheel chair to the physically challenged.
  •   We provide winter clothes and blanket to the needy specially to the elders through dignitaries from all walks of life.
  •   We also provide clothes to the children and needy people on the auspicious day of Kali puja.
  •   We offer our prayer through our little service within our capacity to the society.